Rental Vehicle - Hyundai H1
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Vehicle Charters – Tour Operators

Please Note:

All General Terms and Conditions apply as well as all the conditions mentioned below.

Special Insurance Notes
  • It is the obligation of the tour operator to make sure that the driver or driver guide being used by them are in possession of a valid PDP
  • In failing to do so the tour operator can be held responsible for all claims as a result of this
  • The tour operator is responsible for the insurance excess of R 4500.00 or the full amount if damage is less than the excess determined by our preferred service providers
  • The tour operator is responsible for the insurance excess of R 7500.00 in the event of any claim resulting from vehicle theft
  • The tour operator is also responsible for the R 450.00 claim handling fee
  • If our insurers reject a claim, then the tour operator are responsible for any damages or claims
Traffic Fines
  • Fines and penalties will be billed to the tour operator
  • Fine administration fee of R 150.00 per fine will be charged
Remote Delivery and Collections
  • On receiving the vehicle, it is the driver/guide’s responsibility to identify any damages to the vehicle and to inform Rumadani Transfers and Tours there of
  • In failing to report damages might result in claims against the tour operator
  • Damages, that occurred after reported damages, are for the account of the tour operator
  • All damages must be reported to Rumadani Transfers and Tours
  • The tour operator carries the risk of damage while the vehicle is in their possession

Delivery of vehicles can be arranged